2019 Program

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  • Wednesday 9th January                                                   

Target: Lowestoft – Part 1

By Bob Collis





  • Wednesday 6th February

SEPECAT Jaguar XX741 Restoration

By Allen Vernon





  • Wednesday 6th March

Target: Lowestoft – Part 2

By Bob Collis






  • Wednesday 3rd April

HexCam – Remote surveying and imaging

By Rowley Cory-Wright




  • Wednesday 1st May

Steve Snelling – Author





  • Wednesday 5th June

The RAF Presentation Team





  • Wednesday 3rd July

The early days of Norwich Airport

By Trevor Eady





  • Wednesday 7th August

RAF Bircham Newton

By David Jacklin





  • Wednesday 4th September

RAF Oulton a Short History

By Geoff Sykes





  • Wednesday 2nd October

The Control Tower – RAF North Creake 

By Nigel Morter






  • Wednesday 6th November

Airliners at Airshows by Jenny Gee






  • Wednesday 4th December

The NAAG Annual General Meeting